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About Me

During the worst economic downturn, realization set in, I was a sole founder and my business wasn’t going to thrive. My background consisted of sales, strategy, and operations yet I had this yearning to combine those skills with an understanding of the tech world.


I joined a friend’s development agency where I learned the ins and outs of mobile and desktop. Now that I was armed with some “tech speak” I had to figure out how to jump into product management. I had the business acumen and I was a natural hustler from being an entrepreneur for 7 years. But, what do I do next?


It was 2013 and there wasn’t much on product management, but I consumed everything I could from blogs, to meetups, and workshops. To my disbelief, as an entrepreneur, I was dabbling in product management all along and I didn’t even know it. I realized the only way I was going to make it in product was if I could harness my present skills and articulate my own product story. I could hear my mom’s voice in the background, “You’ve been in sales, now you need to sell your skill set - just like selling a product.” Ma was right!


With all my heart; I believe it's never too late to learn something new and even take a risk by changing paths.


Not only do I teach product management at General Assembly, my goal as your mentor is to help you start a new career in product management by taking your present skills and helping you craft your own product story.

Shanu G. Trehan

My Approach


Identify Your Skills

How do I apply my past skills to product management? I’m in sales - Did you know some of the best product managers were entrepreneurs, in sales, marketing, customer service, and engineering?

Let’s hone in on your past experience and skill sets. Together we’ll pinpoint and highlight experiences that resonate and are applicable to product management followed by an overview of my 5 step process to get recruiters to reach out to you for product management roles.


Craft & Create Your Product Story

Not sure the type of industry or domain you'd excel in most?

Once we’ve identified your expertise and industry of choice we’ll begin to craft your product story for jobs in domains you resonate with most (for example: SaaS, Fintech, Edtech, Mobile, eCommerce, HealthTech, Banking, Store Digital and more).


Refine Your Resume & Profile

Having trouble catching the attention of a hiring manager?

Our goal is to articulate and bring to life your product story through your resume and profile. We might go through several iterations but in the end these simple steps we’ve worked on together will help market yourself and identify your uniqueness among other product managers.


Practice & Prepare for Recruiter Screenings

I have a product story, resume and great profile - But how do I stand out among the crowd?

I’ll share some tips and tricks to getting your resume seen by recruiters. I’ll set you up for success by helping you understand FTE vs Contract to Hire pros and cons. Furthermore, I’ll share salary bands for APM, PM, Senior, and Director roles and how to negotiate your salary. Lastly, we’ll prepare for your first recruiter phone screening.

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Customized to Fit Your Needs

Practice, prepare, and whiteboard tactical product interview exercises (mock interviews)

Custom Quote:

Draft the take-home product presentation outline

Craft intelligent questions to ask your interviewer

Enhance your product presentation

Review and role play the most popular product management interview questions

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5 One Hour Sessions Included:

Identify your Skills

       Determine your understanding of product management

       Identify and pinpoint past skills that apply to the role

       Discover the level of product management that best aligns           with your experience

Craft and Create your Product Story

       Determine your domain expertise

       Highlight key words to use in your product story

       Distinguish if your experience resonates with corporate,               startup, or an agency

       Draft your product story

       Articulate a successful product you’ve launched

Refine your Resume and Profile

       Review first draft of resume with highlighted domain                       expertise

       Give feedback and make minor improvements together

       Review second draft of resume and first draft of profile

       Provide feedback and put final touches on both resume and         profile

       Publish resume to top job boards and recruiting agencies

Practice and Prepare you for Recruiter Screenings

       Describe FTE, Contract to Hire, and Consultant type PM               roles

       Explain third party versus internal recruiters' typical                       process

       Review a typical third party email for a PM job, how to                   respond, and negotiate your salary

       Practice for a PM recruiter screening

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